Fluxmall DTG

Our Team

Dmitry Sarbaev
Managing Director

Organizer and speaker of multiple educational initiatives across Vietnam, industry events and university workshops related to DTG development. Jury member for Fashion Creation 2018, 2019 (Hoa Sen University). 6 years in DTG industry, 10 years in e-commerce and digital marketing.

Andrey Budaev
DTG Production Manager

More than 20 years experience in fashion and apparel industry in Russia, Vietnam and Europe. Mastered his first sewing machine as a teenager, and since then focused on tech innovation in garments business. Born to work in a fast paced environment both as a team and an individual.

Đăng Phạm
Sales Account Executive

A “talkative” listener who perpetually tries to feel people and their deepest concerns.

Perfection is what drives me about being a part of FLUXMALL. As young as our team might be, we strive nonstop toward the definition of perfect service and an absolute satisfied feeling for our customers”.

Trinh Trần
Sales Account Executive

Generous and easy-going person in life and a competitive perfectionist in work. Loves exploring and learning new things.

I am a part of FLUXMALL because this place can help me gain a lot of knowledge and skills, and I love the professional working environment here.”

Vy Nguyễn
Junior Sales Account Executive

Addicted to fashion (especially oversize T-shirts), keen traveler to express her fashion style.

Becoming a part of FLUXMALL team really helps me live with my hobby and have more experience in sales for fashion.

Duy Nguyễn
Senior DTG Printing Operator

A true deliverer of the best quality of printing on every T-shirt.

I am proud to be a part of FLUXMALL and especially production team. We are a young DTG printing company, but we have a vision where we want to be in the future. We work together, we learn from each other and we success together.

Tuyến Lê
Junior DTG Printing Operator

A streetwear fashion fan, attracted by jackets, T-shirts, pants, sneakers

Being a member of FLUXMALL team is really a chance for me to know more about this industry and to satisfy my hobby of streetwear”.

Yến Nguyễn
Chief Accountant

A high responsible person and a solidary player for the benefit of the team