Fluxmall DTG

Our History

The history of FLUXMALL began as early as 2010. At that time, being among the leaders of e-commerce business in online fashion industry in Moscow, Russia and having significant experience with garment manufacturing in Asia, both Andrey and Dmitry realized the need to connect western technologies and engineering and eastern markets and production capabilities in garment decoration.“The idea was shaped, and the concept “East-Meets-West” was in the midst of it” mentions Dmitry, the Managing Director and Co-owner of FLUXMALL DTG. “At that time the business ties between our company, that had branches in Europe, and Vietnam business, where we contracted factories for garments collection manufacturing, were strong. And it became clear at that time that Vietnam would ramp up exports and trading in the decades to come. So we thought: “Why wouldn’t we look closer at this market and identify niches in garment and fashion industry where the needs for newer technologies will be continuously present?This was at the back of our minds when we created FLUXMALL.”

Fluxmall DTG - DTG Printers in Vietnam

A lot of people asked as about the meaning of the word FLUXMALL” continues Andrey, the Production Manager and Co-owner of FLUXMALL DTG. “In a sense, this a fusion of two words: “FLUX” – flow, motion, current, and “MALL” – a promenade of stores, ability to get products and services at one place. This is what we envisioned, and we are currently implementing – continuous flow of newest digital printers and auxiliary equipment, consumable products and software solutions into the country next to the high level of service that comes in a package”.

As the logo has been developed, the inspiration came from an old poster from the Soviet Union times that says: “Great is the distance, but close are our hearts”, which has always marked a great level of connections between Russia and Vietnam. “If you look at this poster – you will see FLUXMALL’s shape in it”, Dmitry emphasizes. “Someone might see an Asian architectural gate in it – and let be so! We always wanted our company to be associated with Asia. Yet, being able to deliver western technologies and mindset in business development. It is not surprising that a lot of team members of FLUXMALL DTG can speak Russian, and it is an absolute joy to see them growing as young professionals, and help them get access to the best technologies they could ever have”.

With all of that said, the word “DTG” which stands for Direct-To-Garment and is a process of printing on textiles and garments using specialized aqueous ink jet technology, was added later, as the legal company was established in Vietnam in 2018. Since the time of relocation to Vietnam, Andrey and Dmitry have been unceasingly working on mastering the printing process, building connections with printers and suppliers worldwide and making Vietnam known for its industry growth.

FLUXMALL DTG Vietnam is a solution provider specializing in industry-leading machinery, software and consumables distribution for digital direct-to-garment printing. The company’s goal is to open up the DTG market in Vietnam for the state-of-the-art OEMs, and bring it up by educating the new generation of printers, artists and specialists of the garment decoration and fashion industry. We see ourselves as one of the leaders of DTG market, and would like to contribute to the development of the industry in the country and the region.