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Chiossi E Cavazzuti DiDo Shop Dryer with 3 Drawers


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DiDo Shop is the compact size dryer with 3 drawers for DTG. It is an ideal solution for small factories, laboratories and shops thanks to its reduced consumption and compact size. The hot air guarantees a final effect that cannot be replicated with the other drying solutions: the print keeps the colors vivid and remains flexible, soft and rough to the touch.

DiDo dryers are perfect for DTG printers using both fine textiles like lycra, wool and silk, as well as typically used cotton and cotton/poly blends in production

With compact and lightweight structure on the dryer market, low power consumption, and easy and interactive control interface, DiDo dryers with drawers are an ideal solution for small DTG business, providing precise temperature control over curing process and resulting in great quality of fixation regardless of the type of fabric used.

Ideal solution for small DTG business - Chiossi E Cavazzuti DiDo Shop Dryer