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aeoon Kyo Series DTG Printer

aeoon Ribbon

up to


pieces per hour
on dark garments



Made in:


aeoon automation
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aeoon sustainability

aeoon Kyo Series DTG Printer Offer

available in Vietnam and Asia-Pacific*
  • aeoon DTG Printer
    with 1 Year OEM Warranty
  • Ink Set: DuPont Color G inks:
    White + CMYK + Spot colors (optional)
  • Maintenance Kit: cleaning
    fluids and consumable parts
  • aeoon RIP Software v7
  • On-site installation
    by aeoon-certified technicians
  • 5-day Print Training
* Depending on the machine configuration, performance of the operator, on the material and design, and on dark / colored garment. Print size up to: 92 x 98cm.
aeoon DTG Printers Samplebox - FLUXMALL DTG

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The aeoon Kyo Series DTG printer is a high-end and industrial-grade digital direct-to-garment printer. The aeoon Kyo is known for its fast-printing speeds, allowing for rapid production of large quantities of printed textiles in sizes of up to 200 x 98 cm. It can handle both small and large print runs efficiently, and it is easy to integrate into an automated production workflow.

Built with durable construction and reliable components, the aeoon Kyo printer is designed to withstand demanding industrial environments and ensure long-term performance. The aeoon Kyo Series printer can be equipped with up to 12 printheads, which allows the use of additional spot colors to achieve wider color gamut and higher color accuracy.

aeoon Kyo Series DTG | Sample prints

The aeoon Kyo DTG printer can produce high-quality prints at fast speeds, allowing to output large volumes of garments in a short amount of time. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to meet tight production deadlines or produce large quantities of garments on-demand.
aeoon Kyo Angle View_Fluxmall DTG
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