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Kyocera KJ4B-QA Printhead


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The Kyocera KJ4B-QA printhead is designed specifically for Digital Textile Printing. With a wide print width of 108mm, it enables broader printing coverage using fewer printheads. This printhead excels in high-speed, high-resolution, and grayscale printing, all achievable simultaneously. Its reliability in continuous printing is underscored by a unique ink channel design, ensuring a stable ink supply to all 2,656 nozzles for consistent and efficient performance.

The KJ4B-QA printhead is designed by Kyocera for high speed printing using water-based inks.

The Kyocera KJ4B-QA is equipped with internal filters that eliminate foreign objects in ink and an internal heater that adjusts the impact of external temperatures. Its unique ink channel design provides a stable ink supply.

Kyocera K4JB-QA Printhead
Kyocera K4JB-QA Printhead
Kyocera KJ4B-QA Printhead: Technical Specifications
Ink Type
Width × Depth × Height
200 ×25 ×57.9 mm
Dry Weight
420 g
Number of Nozzles (In Effective Print Width)
2,656 (2,558)
Standard Resolution
600 × 600 dpi
Effective Print Width
108.25 mm
Max. Drive Frequency
30 kHz
Max. Print Speed
75 m/min
Drop Volume
5 pL, 7 pL, 12 pL, 18pL (under 20 kHz)
Optimum Ink Viscosity
5.0 - 6.0 mPa*s
Compatible DTG Printers
aeoon Compact, aeoon Compact Plus, aeoon Kyo, aeoon Kyo Plus, aeoon Hybrid, Textalk TKR Hybrid

The Kyocera KJ4B-QA printhead is a 600dpi one-color printhead with a maximum drive frequency of 30kHz. It delivers high quality with a small drop volume of 5pl at 75 m/min by making use of 2,656 nozzles arranged across 108.25 mm wide print swathe with 0.042mm pitch, resulting in 30.000 drops per second. 

One of the key advantages of the KJ4B-QA printhead is its high printing speed, with a maximum firing frequency of up to 30kHz. This allows fast and efficient printing with aeoon Compact Series, aeoon Kyo Series, aeoon Hybrid and Textalk TKR Hybrid printers, making it an ideal choice for high-volume printing applications.

Kyocera printhead in aeoon
12 pcs of Kyocera KJ4B-QA printheads in aeoon Hybrid DTG Printer