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Fujifilm Starfire SG1024 SA2C Printhead

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The StarFire SG1024 2 Color Aqueous printheads are suitable for a wide range of applications, including textile printing, wide-format printing, and commercial printing and decorating. Each printhead has two separate ink paths, with 512 independent channels in 4 rows on a single nozzle plate. This configuration allows for flexibility in achieving different color and resolution options. These printheads feature simplified electrical and fluid interfaces, making them easy to integrate into printing systems. The electrical interface consists of a single 60-pin connector for power, control signals, and data. Two fluid connections per color channel enable easy priming, flushing, and ink recirculation.

The StarFire SG1024 is designed by FUJIFILM Dimatix for high speed printing using water-based inks. It is a repairable printhead equipped with internal filters that eliminate foreign objects in ink. Its unique ink channel design provides a stable ink supply. The digital direct injection process of printhead satisfies the market demand well with its simple process. An average lifespan of Starfire SG1024 printhead is from 3 to 5 years.


  • Strong and repairable printhead structure; 
  • Drop sizes ranging from 12 to 200 picoliters;
  • 1024 individually addressed nozzles;
  • Removeable and replaceable metal nozzle base;
  • Two-color operation;
  • Robust and repairable construction;
  • Excellent durability and longer service life.
Starfire 1024 printhead

Printhead Data

StarFire SG1024 Printheads
Number of addressable jets per module:
Print width:
64.96 mm [2.55 in]
Inkjet operating temperature range:
Up to 50 °C [122 °F]
Nominal fluid viscosity:
8-20 cP (10-14 cP recommended)
Native Drop Size:
12 pl (SA 2C)
Largest Drop Size:
33 pl (SA 2C)
Native Resolution:
200 dpi
Nozzle Plate technology:
OEM accessible non-volatile memory:
64 byte rewriteable
Integral temperature sensor: