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Textalk TFR Series Hybrid Printer



Made in:




pieces and more per hour*

* Depending on the machine configuration, performance of the operator, on the material and design, and on dark / colored garment.

Compatible with
the following screen printing systems:

MHM Screen Printing
KTK Screen Printing
ROQ Screen Printing

and many more!


Textalk TFR Series Hybrid Printer Offer

available in Vietnam and Southeast Asia*
  • 1 year OEM Warranty
  • Ink Set: Textalk ink
    Series: C,M,Y,K,R,G inks
  • neoStampa RIP Software
  • On-site installation
    by Textalk-certified technicians
  • Comprehensive
    Print Training

Textalk TFR Series is a digital hybrid printer that extends the capabilities of your screen printing system by adding DTG printing to the workflow. Textalk TFR Series hybrid printer is an efficient and cost-effective solution for digital print mass production on various textiles, such as clothing, home textiles, and promotional items. The TFR Series uses the drop-on-demand StarFire SG1024 SA2C printhead for high-performance printing.

Textalk Hybrid TFR Series Printer | Sample Prints

The Textalk TFR Series Hybrid Printer is the ideal choice for large-scale production, exceptional precision, and long product life. Get the best printing experience possible by utilizing cutting-edge screen printing + digital printing technology that provides superior quality, efficiency, and durability.
Textalk angle view

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