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Customer Service

Secure Payment


The price of the product shall be the one applied by Fluxmall DTG Company Limited upon receiving the customer’s order. All orders shall be acknowledged based on the current pricing. We will reflect the billing amount as per the received payment and invoice issuance.
Please note that prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Cam kết

Refund and Returns

All equipment, consumables, and parts must be thoroughly inspected for any damage at the time of delivery, in order to determine replacement, repair, or return.
If any equipment or parts are found to be damaged, the Customer must notify Fluxmall DTG Company Limited within 7 days of delivery.


International Shipping


Fluxmall DTG Company Limited will deliver the machinery, products, consumables, and parts to the customer’s designated address. Fluxmall DTG Company Limited ships purchases from their own or third-party warehouses, stores, or offices located around the world.
If all items in the order are in stock, Fluxmall DTG Company Limited strives to deliver products to customers within 2-25 business days (depending on the customer’s location) after receipt of the order and payment.


Trung thực

Terms and Conditions

Customers must be of legal age to access Fluxmall.com or have parental or guardian supervision. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure compliance with current Vietnamese regulations for purchase and sale transactions. An account will be granted to use on the Fluxmall.com website within the Terms and Conditions of use. Additionally, customers must also adhere to Fluxmall’s code of conduct, which includes respecting the rights and privacy of other users, refraining from illegal activity on the site, and utilizing the platform ethically and responsibly.