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aeoon Technologies appoints Fluxmall DTG as Vietnam partner

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aeoon Technologies is very pleased to appoint Fluxmall DTG as their new official distributor in Vietnam. From now on, Fluxmall DTG will be responsible for supplying Vietnamese customers with our high-quality DTG printers, pretreatment units, dryers and equipment along with providing technical support and service for all machines.
We are very happy to expand the aeoon Family and of course the number of regions in which we are represented by a local distributor. With Fluxmall DTG, we have found a reliable and competent addition to our worldwide DTG network. Just like aeoon, Fluxmall DTG focusses mainly on finding DTG solutions to maximise profit and optimise costs for each customer.
Another benefit for customers is that Fluxmall is also very keen on educating the industry about DTG and its benefits. Our new distributor is widely known across Vietnam for various educational incentives related to the DTG industry. The goal of these educational initiatives is first and foremost to raise technology awareness among industry professionals in the country.
Aeoon DTG
Having a partner with such similar goals to ours will not only help us expand our reach but also benefit our goal to educate the world about the endless possibilities of DTG printing.

Our business post-Covid has rapidly shifted to industrial-scale customers as mass-production restarted and garment and printing factories started having an increasing demand for digital printing on garments. We believe that aeoon products perfectly fit the needs of the Vietnamese market.” – Dmitry Sarbaev, Managing Director of Fluxmall DTG.

If you want to know more about our partnership with Fluxmall DTG or need any other information about our machines or aeoon Technologies in general, please contact us via sales@aeoon.com. If you want to get in touch with Fluxmall directly, please contact via info@fluxmall.com or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Fluxmall.DTG.VN. We are looking forward to hearing from you.