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DuPont Artistri E10 Cyan Color E Series Ink

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The Dupont Artistri Color E Series ink stands out as a tailored solution crafted specifically for Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing applications. Engineered to complement DTG printers equipped with Epson printheads, this ink series excels in delivering impeccable print results on textile surfaces. Renowned for its robustness, vivid color reproduction, and exceptional adherence to diverse fabric types, the Dupont Color E Series ink emerges as the go-to choice for embellishing garments with intricate, high-definition designs.

Compatible printheads: Epson F1440 • Epson 4720 • Epson i3200-A1, i1600-A1 • Epson S3200-A1, S3200-A3 • Epson DX-4 • Epson DX-5 • Epson DX-7

Compatible printers: All Epson-based DTG/DTF printers