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Why is it important to get a DTG solution instead of simply buying an equipment you like?

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3 things most of DTG dealers in Vietnam will do

It is not a secret that the DTG market is boosting around the world, and a lot of people feel the excitement of getting into the garment decoration industry by purchasing a DTG printer and diving into printing T-shirts right away. However there are so many factors that can make you feel rushed into making investments that you don’t fully understand. Below are some of the most common ones:

  • Dealers will oversell you the product

Every company that is in machinery distribution, has their purchase targets and certainly feel pressure of reaching them. The most unqualified companies will push on machines’ visibly strong points – either speed, or nice quality of a DTG print, or some of the new features never seen before. They will prioritize their targets above the customers real needs.

  • Dealers have poor knowledge and industry experience

What is common in Vietnam and many other markets as well – dealers have no clue how to make sure that people are completely educated to understand what business they are getting into, what they are buying, and what path to take in order to succeed in DTG business. They operate as simple machine resellers, and not educators and service providers.

  • You will be encouraged to observe just the tip of the iceberg

The truth in marketing is what most people believe in. Therefore, in most cases during the tradeshows the dealers will point out the data in the brochures which is presented nicely, but not always relevant to “real-life” scenarios. For instance, speed could be written down for the lowest resolution possible, which is never a case in every day production process, and could be significantly slower with different print modes.

There are many factors that can make you feel rushed into making DTG investments you don’t fully understand.

Consequences of misleading DTG customers

As a result, the following cases are known on the market in Vietnam:

1. Poor business models

Startlingly poor choices of equipment based on the factors like “I like the printer’s design”, “this is a well-known brand, I will go for it”, or even “I don’t have other options on the market” show that future machine owners are not encouraged and don’t do their homework of analyzing and planning their future business, choosing the niche to focus instead of chasing all deals around, and positioning themselves on the market. Remember – your business needs come first, and equipment selection (DTG printer, RIP software and other products) is defined by your needs.

2. Poor execution of business models

Quite a number of companies, primarily due to local business culture in Vietnam, are used to discuss “give me more discount” or “offer me special price” deals only, when it comes to sales. DTG businesses that follow this dangerous path and nurture these conversations, are likely to not survive in mid-term perspective. There are companies on the market that own seemingly best (for its time!) DTG printer model, but cannot afford to pretreat in an automatic pretreatment machine, or own a simple, yet reliable heat press, or hot air dryer, which makes this “best” DTG printer nearly useless, because the ultimate product quality will not make the customer happy and satisfied.

If you’ve been around DTG market for a while, you understand that you are using state-of-the-art digital DTG machines, with premium priced ink, printing very complex full-color artworks – therefore, your service should be premium as well, your products quality should be on a high level (each piece of equipment matters in the DTG production process for the sake of ultimate result satisfaction),  and profit margins have to be securely protected.

In DTG – a premium segment of the industry – your profit margins must be securely protected.

3. Victims of unmet expectations

If potential machine owners are not careful enough, they can suddenly end up having a bad taste in their mouth. All of a sudden, they are not ready for DTG at all, and start complaining because the machine has not met their expectations (i.e. high operational costs, too much waste because of the auto-clean, frequent change of spare parts, etc.). They may not be printing enough, so the machine frequently sits idle and there is no return of investments. Or, they are not trained well how to maintain properly, and so they end up fixing their machine, waiting for spare parts, and ultimately wasting their time, instead of making money on it.

What is the best DTG printer to purchase?

There is no machine that encompasses the entire industry. But if you fall into the trap of choosing the wrong equipment for your business, you might eventually get frustrated with your printer, or the industry in general.

We are here to help you get a DTG solution, that would perfectly fit your business model, or simply get you back on track, if you failed with your previous investment in DTG. FLUXMALL DTG is the top provider in Vietnam for custom DTG solutions. Our industry experience in Vietnam, knowledge of the local printing market, and the widest network of industry partners around the world will be a benefit to you and help you build a successful DTG printing business!

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