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ECOFREEN Mister-T1 Pretreatment Machine

Mister-T1 is a single-nozzle pretreat spray machine with hassle free automatic nozzle cleaning and anti-clogging wet cap. With smooth and precise injection of this machine, you can get fine quality of printing and consistent outcome. It is light weight and has compact size.



Made in: Korea

By: Ecofreen

85.000.000 VND

In stock

Bundle it with the DTG Printer!

Purchase a full solution and save up to 25%
in Equipment and Consumables costs!
ECOFREEN Mister-T1 Pretreatment Machine
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Ecofreen Mister-T1 is a very cost-efficient solution with consistent and reliable quality

Operate and clean the machine easily without any specific skills. With its precise and smooth injection, it is an affordable and high-quality option for delivering consistent pretreatment for all DTG applications.

Affordable price - ECOFREEN Mister-T1

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